Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, I pretty much knew that when my boy was born that I would breastfeed him and I am not ashamed to say that my decision was based mainly on the fact that formula is so very expensive.  Well, when baby was born early it was stressed by everyone how much more important it would be for him to have the sustaining power of momma's milk.  Of course, we were separated those first days and I had to pump and Wade would make a delivery each day to the nurses at the NICU and they were actually able to give him the milk through the feeding tue in his nose.  Once we were reunited I tried nursing him but he was so small and would tire out before he had enough to eat.  That is how we got to this point...the point where I have been exclusively pumping for 7 months.  I hate pumping, really I do but yesterday as I was preppping his solids I realized that it wouldn't be that long until he no longer needed my milk which feels a lot like he won't need me and that lead to tears.  I realize he is still so small but all I can see is how fast he has grown already.

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