Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been trying to figure out for some time now if I am still suffering from roller coaster hormones or if having my sweet boy in the world has just made me a total sap.  Not just a sap, but a full on emotional basket case. 

Case in point, on Saturday night we had Thanksgiving dinner with Drew and Randa and as we sat down to eat, we acknowledged that Silas was downstairs sleeping and Baby Dranda (as I have dubbed my unborn niece or nephew) is still a jellybean-sized fetus but they were both still a part of the celebration.  Well, as we bowed our heads to pray I started boo-hooing at this image of sleeping Silas holding hands with this little nubby fetus and playing a game of ring around the rosies with the angels in dreamland.  I realize that this sound like some kind of acid trip or something but it really got me going with the tears. 

Don't cry, Momma!

This was not an isolated case, I cried on Halloween and many days in between at the most random thing.  I think that my heart is just so full of indescribable love that the love must pool in my eyes and overflow in salty tears of wonderment.

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