Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Christmas Time...well, almost

We have pretty much finished buying Baby's Christmas presents for his very first Christmas.  So far we have gotten him these:

I love these little guys.  They are called Sing a ma jigs and they are hilarious!

We also got him this because I am determined to make him a musician and he has the crazy personality of a drummer.  It is a Fisher Price Crawl-along drum.


Daddy's Pick was a Little People zoo because he and Silas are both animal lovers!

We also got him some discounted halloween costumes for pretend play and I am going to try making him a little blanket with taggies on it so that he can have something handmade...we will see.  I think that this will be plenty of presents for a 7 month old especially considering he will be getting so many presents from our families as well.  I am trying to think of ideas for stocking stuffers.  I am going for things to make his face light up so that I can get some gorgeous pictures.  Having him here for Christmas will make it a Christmas like none other and will be the best present ever.

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