Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is not quite Thanksgiving day yet but we are celebrating for the next week and it never hurts to be grateful everyday so I am thinking about what I am most thankful for:

My husband going to a job he hates everyday so that I can do the one I love
Always losing at staring contests to Silas because he makes a goofy face and makes me laugh every time
Being back together with my friends and family for this first big holiday
Moving forward in life, even when I feel I am stuck
A new niece or nephew on the way- and a best friend for my boy
For being pushed to see how strong I am over the past year
For always being able to keep going


  1. Ummmmmm....a new niece or nephew???? Who's having a baby!!??!!

  2. Wade's brother and his wife are having a baby!