Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Slingin'

I have engaged in a new activity.  Oh yes, I have been slingin this tiny creature all over the house...and he likes it.  In fact it generally eventually knocks him out.  Nope, this is not a form of child abuse but just me finally getting this baby wearing thing down.  When he was a little preemie he was just to tiny for the slings and then I just kind of gave up on my little dream of skipping through the house with my baby nestled against my chest but we have discovered that is something that we are both finally ready for.


  1. Oh he is gonna love it! I miss my sling days, I use a bigger carrier now and can no longer just put Sean in it to get house work done, he wants to run all over the place and make messes. Enjoy this closeness!!!

  2. We are at the point where he is sort of crawling and pulling up but he keeps getting himself stuck in strange spots and I have to rescue him!