Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebrating Today

I have decided to choose to celebrate each day.  I think I will have to remind myself often because I have a tendency toward pessimism but I don't want my baby to be a pessimism.  I want him to know joy everyday and that is up to me.  I have a Christmas party to attend today, for which I got a new outfit which include the first pair of high heels that I have worn since...I can't even remember.  Tonight I am going to take baby with me, Tabes, and Heather to the open house downtown.  I am determined to take him on his first carriage ride.  And this morning, baby is sleeping in and I just had giant piece of cake for breakfast.  That may be the best part of adulthood...eating what you want when you want.  The worst part:  getting fat.  You think there is a connection?  Celebrate today with me like it's a holiday:  a holiday called today.


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