Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Celebration Continues

I swear that having a positive attitude is yielding results...when I am able to maintain it.  I am still having to make an effort at not being so pessimistic.  Friday was a day I chose to celebrate and it was a great day.  We even got an amazing bonus at Wade's work Christmas party.  The party included great food at Mollie's topped off with the best fudge cake I have ever tasted and after a dramatic game of Texas Hold 'em we walked away with a new (pretty amazing) camcorder and a cash bonus.  Merry Christmas to us!  I also took Silas downtown With Tabes, Heather, and I to celebrate the holidays with local merchants.  He even sat on Santa's lap and smiled the biggest smile he could.  I can't wait to see the picture! 

Yesterday, we spent the day at Tabe's and David's just relaxing.  The men (or should I say boys?) spent the day indulging in Magic game after Magic game.  Which for the record, as much grief as I give him, I hope my husband never grows up.  One of the most lovable things about him is that he still loves those childhood activities (comic books, video games) with so much passion.  I know that Silas will have a daddy that he can play with not a work-a-holic consumed with the financial support of his family.  This is a daddy consumed with love support of his family and that is so very much more important. 

Anyway, us girls spent the day playing with baby and while he napped, us ladies napped on the couches with HGTV holiday specials playing in the background the glow from the old fashioned ceramic bulbs strewn on the Christmas tree cast their glow.  It was a great day. 

I realize that I will have moments of late-night dish washing and early-morning laundry but those are just subtle spices in my life pie.  When baked together it tastes like baby giggles, kitten purrs, and whispering to each other in the middle of the night so we don't wake the baby.  It tastes like love, joy, and the inevitable sadness but it tastes great!

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