Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Freedom is not without consequence

I was so pumped because my mom said she would take Silas for a couple hours this morning.  I really needed a break because yesterday was uber-stressful.  I got my purse stolen yesterday, luckily it just had a bottle of juice, 3 diapers, and a clean outfit that Silas has outgrown anyway in it.  The scary part is that it had mine and Silas's Social security cards in it and my driver's license.  I just keep picturing that these criminal geniuses are out open credit cards in my baby's name. 

Anyway, after all that I was stressed this morning.  My mom picked baby up and I danced back into the house with glee and ten minutes later she called and was laughing.  She said that my dad asked Silas if he wanted out of his car seat and he shook his head yes.  And I missed it.  I can't believe that i am here all day everyday with him and the one day I pass him off, he does something new.  This is always my fear in being separated.  It makes me appreciate that Wade has to be gone everyday and miss little moments like that all of the time.

Oh well, I will console myself with a quiet morning watching an entire episode of a TV show all at one time.

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