Thursday, December 23, 2010

Night #3

This is the third night that I have barely slept at all.  It's not even just baby still thinking he is a newborn and still waking up every 2-3 hours (although it doesn't help), I just wake up and am wide awake.  I think that it's Christmas.  I am obsessing over all things to make it the very best first Christmas possible.  I realize that "he won't even remember", that he "will love the boxes more than the toys" and that "next year will be a lot more fun" but this is all for me too.  oh, to see his tin face light up when he grabs the Christmas tree with two hands and throw his eyes toward me in a way that asks "have you ever seen something so great?"  He loves it all and I love him loving it all more than I can explain. 

A few of our Christmas activities so far:

We took him through the park to look at the lights displays, I sat him on my lap in the from (shhh, don't tell) and I excitedly pointed out the lit polar bear and the beautiful stained glass nativity scene and he stared in wonder at...the dash lights.  Yep.  At first I was disappointed but then I decided that as long as he enjoyed his time with us then I didn't care what it was that brought him that joy.

Baking.  We have spent a lot of time baking at Aunt Thurty's place this week.  For me, it has been awesome to get out of the house and just laugh and sing Christmas songs (and eat everything we baked).  For Silas, it meant even more new kitties to torment.  And I swear his first word is going to be kitty because when he sees one, he already says "key".  I also think that they are the reason he is such a good crawler but I told them that they we going to have to walk on their hind legs if they were ever going to teach him to walk.  I also tried to get him involved in the baking process ( I have showed him baking ever since he was a newborn because I told him that someday he would bake for his wife and she would thank me for it) so I gave him his own mixing bowls and oven mitt and put some hot cocoa packets and hershey's kisses in his bowls and he played with them for about 5 minutes which is pretty good for his attention span.

Anyway, lots more Christmas fun (and pictures) to come in the next few days.  Until next time  

Merry Christmas!!

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