Friday, December 17, 2010

On being an 8 month old

My sweet boy,
You are into everything imaginable.  You are sitting up with ease until you get excited and fling yourself backwards.  If you are bad at math when you get big it is because of the brain damage you have probably gotten from hitting your head so very many times a day.  You love your music toy that you can stand at.  You also fall doing that a few times a day but you usually just sit straight down, pucker out your lip and start working to pull yourself back up again.  You can also pull up to the couch but have less motivation to do so.  I have loved watching you try out every object you come to for its ability to hold your weight.  The bumbo is good for standing with but you have to bend all the way over at the waist.  The arch hanging over your gym is a good height but as you have found many times it flops right over.  Your little canvas cubes buckle in a heartbeat and your eeyore doll just rolls our from under you. 

In just over a week you will experience your first Christmas and mommy and daddy couldn't be any more excited to share such a special holiday with you.  Someday we will teach you what Christmas means but this year, for you, it will be little gifts, family, new foods, and so many camera flashes that you might be seeing sparkles for days afterward.  I hope that we are doing everything that we can to make you happy and help you grow but someday when you are older and you realize all that we did wrong just know that we are doing our very best and that some days are just better than others.  Everyday we love you so very much and live in wonder of your every move.  Your tiny face tells a thousand stories each day and I am trying hard to hold on to every happily ever after that you have to share.

I love you, my little eight month old!

Love, Momma

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  1. awww...that was so sweet! So hard to believe he's 8 months...and standing up!!! Wow!!