Thursday, December 30, 2010

So proud...

I am one of those moms that really wants her kids to grown up to be humanitarians.  I want Silas to help the needy and be grateful for what he has and therefore share with others.  I want him to fight for what he believes in and all that.  I just had no idea that it would start so early.  My boy has taken a stand...a stand for standing.  He his on a sleep strike until the rest of us realize the importance of his standing.  We lay him in his crib sound asleep and he just pops his tiny head (well, it's proportional but he is tiny too) up and grabs the crib railing and just stands.  He refuses to lay or sit anymore.  The kid is devoted too.  He falls and busts his face time after time as he trips over stuffed animals or loses his grip but he cries a few seconds and then yanks himself right back up again.  I don't know how long this strike is going to last but I hope that maybe he loses a little steam for the cause so that we can get a little sleep here soon.
One of his favorite standing aids...a peanut can.


  1. Ah, Anna went through this! First, let me say yay for Silas standing! What a big boy!! Okay, so with Anna - she would cry and cry because she would stand and I don't think she knew how to get down. We cry it out around here and eventually she grew out of it. Now, we put her in her crib she will play for a bit and then puts herself to sleep. It helps to wait until she's really tired. It will get easier. Hang in there!!

  2. The only thing preventing us from crying it out is that we are still sharing a room. We should be out in our own place within a couple of months and he will have his own room and things should get better.