Monday, January 24, 2011


You know that whole blog title thing...the idea that I live in wonder and amazement everyday now as I muddle through trying to figure it all out?  I just love it.  Yesterday was a bit frustrating because Silas whined all day long.  He would get distracted by something but then remember he was complaining about some phantom issue and pick right back up again.  I am not talking crying or even fussing...he just let out this endless stream of squeaky syllables that were obviously squeaks of discontentment.  So, anyway...that was obviously not where the wonderment came in, this was more the wandering.

We were sitting in the family room playing when he crawled to the bottom of the basement stairs.  Well, much to the frustration of daddy and grandma. I do not believe in helicoptering around B when he plays.  Obviously I am near by to keep him safe but I want him to explore and push his boundaries on what he is able to do because I feel like that is the way that he will learn. So, I rolled my office chair over to the steps and watched what he would do next/  Sure enough, he pulled to stand and rested his hands on the second step up then slid one knee to the bottom stair and pulled the rest of himself up.  He did this all of the way to the top.  He got to the top and sat down, looked down the stairs at me and gave me the proudest smile ever.  I scrambled for the camera but battery was dead.

I am not going to lie, I was terrified as this played out and all I wanted to do was hop in and elevator him to the top but as proud as he was of himself I was even more proud.  I always make this joke likening watching Silas to watching gorillas at the zoo.  It is just so weird when you see them do something so distinctly people-like scratch their nose or climb a set of stairs.  He is just so big and amazing and perfect.  I will gladly suffer through a case of the whinies to experience a feat of strength like that again.

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  1. It is amazing when your child learns something new and accomplishes things!