Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A goal met!

Before I ever got pregnant I had a huge interest in making baby food for my babies when I had them.  I just thought it was a good way to save money and have full confidence in what I am feeding them.  Well, when B first started eating solid I gave it a go and was disappointed when the food processor left all of the food very lumpy and it impossible for him to eat.  I put my goal aside and chocked it up to my being naive. 

Well, I have recently put us on an incredibly tight budget and started rethinking making baby food again.  I thought that it might require an investment in a new expensive chopper but my mom just so happened to have a magic bullet sitting unused.  She was kind enough to offer it up for our use and it worked wonders on all kinds of food.  I chopped up some left over Christmas ham with apples.  I did some more ham with some cheesy pasta and peas.  I did some left over cheesy pasta with beef and some egg noodles with chicken and cream of chicken with herbs.  The consistency was perfect on all of them and I can't wait to try out new foods and let baby taste test them.  I am just excited to have accomplished something that I was really wanting to.


  1. Yay for homemade baby food! Who is having more fun? Mommy making food or baby eating? lol

  2. hmmm...it's a pretty close race at this point!