Monday, January 3, 2011

Goings on

We are on night #3 of a bed time routine and bed is going pretty well.  He has been asleep very close to 8 o'clock all three nights.  Of course he wakes back up at 10...then 1...then 4...then 6...but we are taking baby (almost toddler) steps.

Daddy goes back to work tomorrow (wah wah go the muted trumpets).  He has been home for 4 whole days and I am sure that tomorrow will hold a few tears because I hate any time away from him.

I was so adamant that I wanted to make memories this weekend because I am feeling time slip away.  Well, it was hard to force memorable moments so I wasted most of the weekend being depressed because we didn't have anything big happening.  I think it had to do with post-Christmas fun hangover.  I made up for it a little today though. 

We took Silas to the library to play and read books.  It was so much fun to watch him interact with a new environment.  He was so inquisitive.  He would just study everything  with his eyebrows pushed together and his mouth shaped in an O. 

I am pretty sure that my baby is not going to know his name.  I have called him Baby forever, now I have shortened it to B or I go with B-baby.  Mostly though I call him Pea-pie.  As in I realized how excited he gets when I hide behind a blanket and yell Pea-pie and I use that to get smiles all day long by calling him by the name of the game.

I am getting exhausted trying to come up with things to feed a 9-month-old who is desperate for table food but (still) hasn't gotten any teeth. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

We are working on living on a tight budget to practice for when we forge out on our own again.  It also pushing us to save for that time.  It sucks.  We have basically gotten used to having spending money (as in we can buy groceries without fear of breaking the bank) for the first time since we got married and it was fun but I know that it will feel worth it when we can look around our own home where Silas will have his own room and a place for his things. 

I am not one of those Sancti-moms (Wade's terminology) or at least I try not to be because I think that every parent has to do what works for them.  So this is not me on a soapbox about breastfeeding but me venting my annoyance with facebook right now.  There is a breastfeeding support page called The Leaky Boob!/pages/Bring-back-The-Leaky-Boob/185706648121870 and stupid facebok has shut it down due to it being obscene.  Seriously?  We have all seen some trashy displays of the female form in facebook pics but are breastfeeding pics a part of that group. Just totally ridiculous.

I am really ready to go to bed now but KFVS news keeps alluding to a story about a bunch of dead bird falling from the sky in Arkansas.  That kind of stuff freaks me out and I need to hear the story lest I lie awake all night worrying and wondering.

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