Sunday, January 9, 2011

That's my boy!

I swear my kid is already taking after me in the personality department.  He is super goofy, which anyone who knows me that when I am in the mood i will do anything for a laugh and some fun.  Yesterday, he was still pretty sick and didn't want to eat or drink very much.  I basically sat and force fed him with some of his favorite foods but he would not drink out of a bottle or a sippy.  I was frustrated so I looked around the kitchen for any ideas.  Through my teary eyes I spotted one of the spare syringe from Target pharmacy.  I just imagined how much he loved his medicine and figured I could trick him into some fluid intake. totally worked.  The boy sucked down juice and water for the rest of the day, as long as I gave it to him through the syringe.

Also, to continue his streak of being momma's mini-me goofball.   As I was distracting him from his force-feeding with singing and dancing, I realized a pattern.  I was singing "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" and every time I said "toes" he would wiggle his tiny footie-pjed toes.  He knows what toes are!  I have noticed that he is starting to recognize some words but to me this has been the most amazing.  I can't believe my little 4 lb. newborn knows what toes are!.  I know he is growing up but I am just having a hard time comprehending it. 


  1. That's so exciting!!! What a smart boy! Isn't it amazing how they learn things so quickly?? I just love watching it!

  2. AWESOME!! You go Silas!! Good idea using the syringe. I started singing Head Chloe tonight...she loves it! She started swaying back and forth like stevie wonder and smiling!!