Monday, February 28, 2011

Clingy pants

I have a new definition for clingy pants.  Silas is fine to play by himself as long as I sit in the room with him but if I so much as walk to the fridge for a soda he has to come with me and has also developed the bad habit of hanging on to mu pant legs for standing support.  He has the balance and strength to stand on his own but he is just scared.  Well, this habit has lead to a few falls because my wardrobe of workout pants (that have never seen the inside of a gym) and pajama pants (that see too little of the bed) are not the sturdiest handhold.

 Well, today as I washed dishes he felt the need to stand right there with me clinging to my thin cotton capri's,the ones that I wore for the weeks after giving birth- and since, which speaks to their looseness.  He was very busy trying to hang on the cabinet door and what not and in his wiggles he managed to pull my pants to my ankles.  So, there I stood washing dishes in my t-shirt and my pastel granny panties.  He didn't miss a beat, he just reached up and clung (clinged? clang?) to the saggy back of said granny panties.

Whatever, I still got the dishes done.

Rookie Mistake

So, I was feeling quite confident, cocky even because and the Binks crawled around at my feet I was able to get the dishes and bottles washed, the trash dumped, the living room picked up and all partial cans of soda around the house dumped (are we the only ones who have this habit?) and placed in recycling.  It was awesome because for all of the chores that I can do while he is awake it leaves that much relaxation and trash tv time when he is napping. 

He was getting so sleepy and my new method is to not fight him for a nap but if he refuses to go to sleep then he has to play until he is good and tired.  I could tell he was good and tired so I settled on the couch with him and stripped his clothes (for two reasons- First because he had lunch on his shirt and second because he sleeps better without clothing) and went in for the pre-nap diaper change.  This is when I slipped up.  I didn't do the pre-change pamper peek to see what I was in for.  I went in assuming pee=pee only and out rolled a baby turd right on to my couch.  The wipes were across the room and I panicked so I just picked up the little poo-ball and put it back in the diaper.

You think I would have learned to be better prepared by now.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Planning

Carter's Elephant Overalls and Tee Set
The outfit I want him to wear for his party

I have made a final decision on Silas's birthday theme.1st Wishes has this adorable set called Bunny by the Bay and since his birthday is a week before Easter, I am running with a springy, Eatery kind of party.  Wade worries that combining his birthday with the holiday theme that it is taking something from his party.  My take is that he won't know the difference this year and it is so cute.  Plus it will be easy to get a lot of cute party supplies because Easter stuff is already out at stores. 

I am thinking of doing an Easter egg hunt, having a planting station with soil, pots and seeds so that people can plant something and take it with them as a favor.  I am also throwing around the idea of having a scrapbook station.  I would get a lot of spring and birthday themed scrapbooking supplies and have everyone at the party make a page and sign so  that we could later add birthday pictures to them and then combine them in a scrapbook that would be created by all of his friends and family.  Once again Wade (Mr. Negativity) worries that people just wouldn't be into it but I figure that the day is for us and for Silas so people can force themselves to do something special that we would appreciate forever.  So those are the plans so far.

Bunnies By The Bay Foil Balloon
Bunny by the Bay

Off the Radar

So, I have spent the last couple weeks caught up in the mess of life and that has left little time for documenting said life.  We are all moved in to the new pad and as of yesterday even the basement is organized into the space that we had pictured.  Actually the basement came together much better than I anticipated considering how much stuff we have to store.

Most of this past week was spent catering to a sick baby and a sick husband.  Not a good week.  The baby was just so pathetically miserable.  He would just cry and cry when he was awake.  I would hold him and he would want down and then I would put him down and he would want up.  He wouldn't even eat which is normally his favorite activity. Luckily, he loves pedialyte and survived on that alone.  Not so luckily, we are having issues getting him of the orange stuff and back on to plain formula.  The worst part was that it was also cool and yucky and we were stuck inside...cabin fever anyone?

Oh, and on a separate issue, I quit pumping!  I just couldn't do it anymore. I felt like every drop of milk took with it a piece of my joy.  I am about 2 weeks into formula and I have my body back!  I am so happy to take those times when he is napping to either get things done or relax rather than having to worry about pumping.  I am still not a huge fan of formula ( it has given Silas an odor, seriously I don't know what it is) but I also know that it is important to know your limits and I had more than reached mine.

I hope to pick up with the good parts of life this week now that I have my smiley crazy baby back and Wade is on an antibiotic for his ear infection.  I saw in the outlook that after our scary storms tonight (That I both fear and love) we should be in for some warmer and sunnier weather.  I want to take walks and have picnics.  Oh, spring where are you?  This week I am back in the game and back on the radar.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad day

Yesterday was bad, really bad.  It all started when binksey woke up Saturday night with a 102.5 fever and I freaked out.  Well, apparently (according to the triage nurse on the phone) that is just considered a moderate fever for babies his age so we held off until Monday to take him to the doctor. Through Sunday he was very fussy and all glassy-eyed.  I had kind of assumed that he had another ear infection but the doc checked the usual culprits-ears, nose and throat and they all looked fine.  She said that she knew he was sick but she just couldn't see what was wrong externally. 

That lead to the subsequent torture of my baby boy.  First was the chest x-ray which wasn't bad.  He just had to sit on this little step stool which he did like a pro.  The next test was blood draw.  They put the little band tightly around his arm and proceeded to find a good vein.  They kept saying they couldn't find a vein-of course not because based on the size of his arms his vein are probably the size of a strand of fishing line.  He started crying just from having his arm held should have heard him when they got the needle in.  That is when my tears started.  I tried to be strong but it was awful.  The tech handed me 2 tissues, one for me and one for him.

We then had to go back up to down to the doctor's office and he had to get his nose swabbed to test for the flu which was also pretty awful.   We then waited in the waiting room for over an hour, luckily he slept the whole time and i got a rare moment of quiet to just read a magazine.

After all was said and done, Dr. Brown said he a didn't have the flu but he had a flu-like virus and he also had bronchitis.  He started his antibiotics yesterday and will hopefully feel better very soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All moved in

We are finally all moved in and back online and it is awesome.  I love our new house.  Silas's room is everything that I pictured it would be and having him sleep in a separate room has made the time between feedings a lot more restful.  We are less than a mile from a huge park.  Yesterday was gorgeous outside so we went for a walk to the park and back and it felt amazing.  I have this amazing feeling of lightness and freedom.  I feel like I am fully living again instead of just waiting.  I realize that for as long as I can remember I have been waiting for something..graduate high school, get married, have a baby, have a home...I am finally in a place that I am not waiting for something.  Of course there are adjustments that we will make to improve our lives but for the most part I am just content right now and that feels amazing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

We are almost there

I am getting so excited.  We got almost all of our stuff moved into our new house this weekend...just a few bits left and we will be in by next weekend.  My kitchen is all put together.  I love my kitchen and look forward to cooking dinner while I blast a pop station on the radio and dance.  I look forward to making cookies on a stormy day with a scented candle flickering on the counter.  My living room is the perfect size.  Our furniture will fit into the space and make a perfect little cubby hole for watching movies and building forts.  Snuggle room for mommy and baby and for mommy and daddy too!  Oh and my boy finally gets a nursery.  I am going nuts picking out little accessories to make it perfect for my little boy so that he will feel safe and comfortable in his own big boy room.  My bathroom with its deep tub for containing the splashing involved in little baby baths and a full tub of hot water and mounds of bubbles for a relaxing mommy bath at the end of the day.  And best of all our very own bedroom again!  We no longer will have to sneak into our room, hoping the floor doesn't creak or stifle our late night south park induced giggles so that we don't wake a sleeping tiny.  We will have our own space and time alone...finally!  I am just so happy and so proud of our new home!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little bits

I haven't had any big things to write about in awhile but I am getting lazy in my documenting so here are few little tidbits.

Silas has made so many friends at out play dates and library days and I have been so happy to have other moms to talk to.  I love watching all of the babies interacting.  Silas even held hands with little Henry and it was adorable.

He is majorly into waving now...he doesn't just do it to say bye-bye but also when he is eating, going to sleep, taking a bath, getting a diaper change.  He even waves at the cats but they never wave back at him.  Also, he is started saying momma.  It was magical when he first said.  The bad thing is that he only says it when he is really mad.  It is his statement of anger...but it is still super precious.

We get the keys to our new house on Friday and I can't wait to start moving our stuff in.  I am really working hard on putting together stuff for Silas's nursery that he will finally have!

That's all for now!