Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad day

Yesterday was bad, really bad.  It all started when binksey woke up Saturday night with a 102.5 fever and I freaked out.  Well, apparently (according to the triage nurse on the phone) that is just considered a moderate fever for babies his age so we held off until Monday to take him to the doctor. Through Sunday he was very fussy and all glassy-eyed.  I had kind of assumed that he had another ear infection but the doc checked the usual culprits-ears, nose and throat and they all looked fine.  She said that she knew he was sick but she just couldn't see what was wrong externally. 

That lead to the subsequent torture of my baby boy.  First was the chest x-ray which wasn't bad.  He just had to sit on this little step stool which he did like a pro.  The next test was blood draw.  They put the little band tightly around his arm and proceeded to find a good vein.  They kept saying they couldn't find a vein-of course not because based on the size of his arms his vein are probably the size of a strand of fishing line.  He started crying just from having his arm held down...you should have heard him when they got the needle in.  That is when my tears started.  I tried to be strong but it was awful.  The tech handed me 2 tissues, one for me and one for him.

We then had to go back up to down to the doctor's office and he had to get his nose swabbed to test for the flu which was also pretty awful.   We then waited in the waiting room for over an hour, luckily he slept the whole time and i got a rare moment of quiet to just read a magazine.

After all was said and done, Dr. Brown said he a didn't have the flu but he had a flu-like virus and he also had bronchitis.  He started his antibiotics yesterday and will hopefully feel better very soon.


  1. Oh no! Poor Si!! I hope he feels better soon. I HATE, HATE, HATE when Anna has to get shots or blood drawn. It's like a frantic feeling when you can't calm them down. Ugh. I always cry too.

    Hope he gets well soon!

  2. so sorry to hear about a sick baby and torture at the doctor's office. It makes me cry harder than Sean whenever he has to get stuck! We've also had our share of sickness this past week. Hope he's on the mend and back to his happy self soon!

  3. Thanks, ladies! We were awake every two hours last night because he would just be awake crying and crying. It is so awful to watch. I hope little Sean feels better soon!