Sunday, February 27, 2011

Off the Radar

So, I have spent the last couple weeks caught up in the mess of life and that has left little time for documenting said life.  We are all moved in to the new pad and as of yesterday even the basement is organized into the space that we had pictured.  Actually the basement came together much better than I anticipated considering how much stuff we have to store.

Most of this past week was spent catering to a sick baby and a sick husband.  Not a good week.  The baby was just so pathetically miserable.  He would just cry and cry when he was awake.  I would hold him and he would want down and then I would put him down and he would want up.  He wouldn't even eat which is normally his favorite activity. Luckily, he loves pedialyte and survived on that alone.  Not so luckily, we are having issues getting him of the orange stuff and back on to plain formula.  The worst part was that it was also cool and yucky and we were stuck inside...cabin fever anyone?

Oh, and on a separate issue, I quit pumping!  I just couldn't do it anymore. I felt like every drop of milk took with it a piece of my joy.  I am about 2 weeks into formula and I have my body back!  I am so happy to take those times when he is napping to either get things done or relax rather than having to worry about pumping.  I am still not a huge fan of formula ( it has given Silas an odor, seriously I don't know what it is) but I also know that it is important to know your limits and I had more than reached mine.

I hope to pick up with the good parts of life this week now that I have my smiley crazy baby back and Wade is on an antibiotic for his ear infection.  I saw in the outlook that after our scary storms tonight (That I both fear and love) we should be in for some warmer and sunnier weather.  I want to take walks and have picnics.  Oh, spring where are you?  This week I am back in the game and back on the radar.

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