Monday, February 28, 2011

Rookie Mistake

So, I was feeling quite confident, cocky even because and the Binks crawled around at my feet I was able to get the dishes and bottles washed, the trash dumped, the living room picked up and all partial cans of soda around the house dumped (are we the only ones who have this habit?) and placed in recycling.  It was awesome because for all of the chores that I can do while he is awake it leaves that much relaxation and trash tv time when he is napping. 

He was getting so sleepy and my new method is to not fight him for a nap but if he refuses to go to sleep then he has to play until he is good and tired.  I could tell he was good and tired so I settled on the couch with him and stripped his clothes (for two reasons- First because he had lunch on his shirt and second because he sleeps better without clothing) and went in for the pre-nap diaper change.  This is when I slipped up.  I didn't do the pre-change pamper peek to see what I was in for.  I went in assuming pee=pee only and out rolled a baby turd right on to my couch.  The wipes were across the room and I panicked so I just picked up the little poo-ball and put it back in the diaper.

You think I would have learned to be better prepared by now.


  1. Ha ha!! This is hilarious!! I have totally picked up poop because I didn't have wipes with me. Actually, yesterday Anna got ahold of a poopy diaper that I had just taken off of her. She was like flinging it around. We both had poop on us before I could wrestle it free. It wasn't pretty.

  2.'s amazing how normal it feels to just pick up a Ball 'O' Poo without flinching.