Monday, February 7, 2011

We are almost there

I am getting so excited.  We got almost all of our stuff moved into our new house this weekend...just a few bits left and we will be in by next weekend.  My kitchen is all put together.  I love my kitchen and look forward to cooking dinner while I blast a pop station on the radio and dance.  I look forward to making cookies on a stormy day with a scented candle flickering on the counter.  My living room is the perfect size.  Our furniture will fit into the space and make a perfect little cubby hole for watching movies and building forts.  Snuggle room for mommy and baby and for mommy and daddy too!  Oh and my boy finally gets a nursery.  I am going nuts picking out little accessories to make it perfect for my little boy so that he will feel safe and comfortable in his own big boy room.  My bathroom with its deep tub for containing the splashing involved in little baby baths and a full tub of hot water and mounds of bubbles for a relaxing mommy bath at the end of the day.  And best of all our very own bedroom again!  We no longer will have to sneak into our room, hoping the floor doesn't creak or stifle our late night south park induced giggles so that we don't wake a sleeping tiny.  We will have our own space and time alone...finally!  I am just so happy and so proud of our new home!

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