Thursday, March 3, 2011

First step

Yep, it was probably a fluke and I am pretty sure that he stumbled into it and maybe didn't even realize that he did it but he took one whole step.  I am so proud of my little almost-toddler...that doesn't have to be such a bad word, does it ?


  1. HaHa!! Good job Si!!!! I'm so proud! Can we get a big FU to the possibilities of delays due to prematurity??

    I will say that I'm becoming more comfortable with the t-word. It's still a ways off from rolling off my tongue, but we are getting there.

  2. I know! Woot woot for the power of a preemie!

  3. Haha...woot woot sounds like Ryan. Silas can't help what a genius he is! He is so awesome....I love you both!