Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh, Saturday

Silas spent the night with his Gram on Friday night and his Dadadada played cards so I had the house to myself.  While wonderful, it was also unsettling.  I kept feeling like I needed to be listening for a waking baby so I never could really relax.  I read though and went to bed around, sleeping straight through until 6.  I managed to get most of the rest of his 1st b-day supplies, got all of the invites done, his pictures ordered and then when he came home we started a little family day.  We went to eat at pasta house.  The kid loves restaurants because he gets lots of attention and he is too skinny for the straps in the high chairs to be effective so he spends half of the meal standing.  It is just so relaxing. We took him to the library to see the clowns from the Barnum and Bailey circus.  I have to say that it was pretty amusing.  Silas wasn't scared but also wasn't that into it either.  Anyway, it was a pretty low key day with plenty of time spent together.  Oh, he also brushed his two tiny teeth for the first time and it was adorable!

He picked out his own toothbrush.  It is blue with little animals on it.

He loved the "Mild Fruit" flavored toothpaste

He was very serious about his toothbrushing work.

His clown nose from the clowns.

We were inspired by the clowns, I guess.  i wanted to take another one without the flash but daddy has old bones and couldn't stoop down any longer.

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