Friday, April 8, 2011

Funny Dream

Since I shared Wade's funny little night time craziness here I decided to take you through a journey of one of my night time adventures.  The other night I dreamed that my brother and his wife were expecting twins.  My brother has an awesome almost-teenager and Jeanne love being his step-momma.  So as far as I know they are content and not planning on babies, singles or doubles or...whatever thirty babies would be.  Yep, I dreamed she went in to labor and gave birth in their apartment to thirty babies.  The funny thing is that it didn't seem that weird in dreamland.  It was equivalent to birthing triplets while expecting twins.  I walked up to their apartment door and my mom stepped out and I asked her the babies' names, she started to list them but the only one I remember is Jesse.  I remember thinking it was going to be hard to remember all of these babies' names.  The dream ended with me stepping in to their apartment and seeing babies everywhere.  There were in stacks all over the kitchen table and couch.  It was nuts.

The proud parents of thirty...well, thirty-one including the real kid.


  1. If you want to hear something really strange I had a very crazy dream last night that I was visitng you and you had another baby, in a hospital room in your house! I guess I had read your blog before going to bed or something! I was visiting you because my bus broke down don't know where I was headed in dream land!

  2. How funny! The stacks of babies really tickled me. Can you imagine? Lol.

  3. Haha...Andrea that is crazy. I must be planning on lots of babies or lots of accidents (like falling not babies that are accidents...hmmhmm, Silas)to have a hospital room in my house!

    It was so funny, Lisa! They were all swaddled up with hats on just laying on top of each other crying!