Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Numero Uno- Dos

The actual day of Silas's birthday was monumentally more enjoyable than the day before, which was party day.  Of course, the weather was perfect, since the weather had no bearing on our plans- that's how it always goes.  We took him out to breakfast at Denny's.  This may seem lame and a little cheap for such a big occasion but Wade, Silas and I all love eating out for breakfast.  It feels like a treat more than eating dinner or lunch at a restaurant.  We had so much fun and ate a lot of low-quality, kinda dirty-seeming, greasy amazing food. 

If you knew how many times a day we said "Silas, you have to sit... (eat, take a bath, ride in the cart, whatever)" you would know why this is so funny.

We then took him shopping to spend his birthday money and gift cards.  We bought a high chair (that he loves to stand in) and one outfit and the rest went to toys!  We would choose the type of toy and would let him choose the specific one that he wanted and every single time he chose the green one.  He got a green truck, green bubble bottle, green ball, and a stuffed Yoda doll.  He is a green loving boy.  We ended the day with dinner at his grandma and grandpa's house and then home to crash for all of us. 

Ohhh...he's my size!

Can I keep this weird looking baby, Momma?!

Love him I do!!!

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  1. Love the surprised look he has with Yoda!! Michael is huge about green too...even down to his Bug Juice!