Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Numero Uno

I have been putting off writing the first birthday post like I put off all posts that are the most important to me.  Once again, I am guilty of building something up in my head so much that I left only room for disappointment.  On the positive side, almost everything in my control came together.  I potted these flowers as favors: 

The insert said "Silas is growing and so are you.  Take care of your flower and it will grow too."
The poem taped to the outside is called "The Soul of a Child" and reads:

The soul of a child is the loveliest flower That grows in the garden of God. It climbs from weakness to knowledge and power, To the sky from the clay and the clod.
To beauty and sweetness it grows under care; Neglected ’tis ragged and wild, ‘Tis a plant that is tender and wondrously rare, The sweet wistful soul of a child.
Be tender, O gardener, and give it its share Of moisture, of warmth and of light; And let it not lack for painstaking care To protect it from frost and the blight.
A glad day shall come when its bloom shall unfold It will seem that an angel has smiled. Reflecting a beauty and sweetness untold In the sensitive soul of a child.

I am not sure of the author but it was special to me because Wade's grandma sent it to us in a card when Silas was a couple of month's old and it resonated with me and it was also fitting for our spring-like theme.  We also had a collection of delicious cakes.  I made a chocolate cake, my mom made mini-cupcakes, my mother-in-law made amazing momma and baby bunnies sculpted out of cake and candy, and Silas had a great cake from My Daddy's Cheesecake that his Aunt Randa and Uncle Drew got for him.  Randa's mom and dad were amazing enough to bring their ice cream makers and brew up some vanilla and strawberry frozen bites of heaven that we are still chowing on.

Silas got an insane amount of awesome gifts and he was so well-behaved the whole time.  He was laughing and running around hunting Easter eggs and just having fun.  I kept telling myself that was what mattered and I know that it's true.  But.

But.  It was cold and cloudy and I was so unbelievably stressed that it was ridiculous.  A lot of people couldn't make it to the party because it was so cool and yucky.  I was so caught up in the details that the night before I was spazzing out and we actually had to send Silas to stay with my in-laws because I was stressing him out (Wade probably wished he could leave too) and the day of the party I felt like I barely saw Silas because I was attending to every little detail.  I loved making a great day for my boy and would do anything to give that to him but I think he would have been just as happy with all of his friends and family there even if there weren't coordinating napkins and table covers.  Next year, I will remember this.  I hope. 

One of my biggest regrets is the decision that I made to not take pictures myself.  I was lucky to have others there to take pictures but when I do my photography, I use it as a way to capture moments that are important for me to remember and they take the sting out of everything that may have gone wrong because I can paint the picture of that day in the way that I want.  I chose to step from behind the camera so that I could be in the moment and that was important but I will also remember next year that I want to get a few shots in.  Here are some pics that my family and friends took.

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  1. Hated so much to miss his 1st birthday. Heck, I didn't know until close to time that Michelle was even having James' party same day! It sounds like you did an awesome job sweetie with the theme and all. You are right though...don't stress it next year...he will love whatever you do and will enjoy spending that time with his mommy and other family and friends!