Saturday, April 23, 2011

On being a 12 month old revisited

My Sweet Silas, you are one amazing one year old.  You are walking, even running.  You are trying to talk- you called bubbles "ball"- you are very funny and you know it, you aren't afraid of thunderstorms but you are afraid of most puppies, you love to play outside and cry when we can't, you also cry every time someone leaves- strangers, family, whoever- you just don't like to say goodbye.

 You can make the broken up wah-wah-wah sound with your mouth by patting the back of your hand on your lips.   You are finally starting to fall asleep in your crib with out being rocked first which is much appreciated. 

You love your friends, Peyton, Roscoe, and Henry are your closest buds- you should have seen your face when you got to see Peyton after he was sick for a week, you guys were so excited to see each other.  You are starting to throw fits which, while frustrating, are also really adorable.

 You are so caring and sweet, always giving hugs and covering with slobbery kisses.  You did bite my leg this morning when you were mad which was not as sweet but I love you and choose to take the bad with the good- but it is mostly good.

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