Saturday, April 9, 2011

On being a 12 month old...

Ugh...I mean a One year old.  Silas had his 1 year visit on Thursday, a week early but we had lots of stuff going on this coming week.  It went about how I expected.  He was small still- 17 lbs. 10 ozs. and 28 1/4 inches.  His gross motor skills are amazing- walking, standing, flying, well, not the last one but maybe by his next visit.  His speech is good, he can say mama, dada, cccaaaaa (cat), maymay (his grandma), Pa, and a few other babbles.  He can also follow one step commands and sometime 2 steps if he is focused enough.  He is still way behind on fine motor skills.  My one year old can't hold his own bottle, clap bang toys together.  The reason he is behind is probably just developmental but we are having his eyes checked  to rule that out.  He is going to start the first steps program who work with developmentally delayed babies.  He also had his EKG yesterday to look at his heart and make sure that his valve had closed up properly (he was born early enough that there was a valve in his heart that is supposed to close before birth but didn't have time so he had tachycardia as an infant) but I have no worries because his heart has sounded fine at every visit since he was a couple months old.   The most stressful part of that was the test itself because the kid won't sit still.  I literally had to hold him down kicking and screaming to get it done.  He has his vaccines on Monday...cue muted trumpet, WahWah.  I have all of this going on this week on top of trying to plan a birthday party, which will be outside and the forecast is 60% chance of rain.  So, all of this.  I will continue about my twelve monther again next week because this 12 month post just turned out to be stress-induced verbal vomit.


  1. Sounds like a great appointment!! First steps is awesome! Si will be flying in no time!

  2. haha...that's what i am a little afraid of!!