Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silas's A-pluses

Silas has been passing his one year test with flying-ish colors.  His heart issue has resolved itself, he is not anemic, he got a good report from First Steps- they said that he is on par for his development for even a normal one-year-old, let alone a preemie.  He is even ahead in his gross motor skills.  His eyes are the only worry I have.  He had some farsightedness in his left eye and some astigmatism but the optometrist said that both are not uncommon in babies and may just fix themselves as he grows.  She will check his eyes again in 3 months and if they are worse then she may fit him for glasses.  I am considering that good news because he didn't have to get glasses now.  If I could just get him to eat on a regular basis then my worries would be put to rest.  I am so thankful for an A+ boy.

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