Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hereditary Grace

So, today Silas and I came in the house after taking a walk and there were stinking annoying ants crawling all over the floor by the door, ugh.  Well, I grabbed the ant spray and doused the little jerks with the plan in mind that I would go back and wipe up the spray and carcasses up.  As always, I got caught up in other nonsense and forgot. 

We went to the living room to cool off but of course Silas can't sit still for a millisecond and took off toward the kitchen, then toward the stairs so I took off after him.  He panicked and ran towards the door and as soon as his feet hit the chemical-soaked flooring he flew backwards on his head.  I then panicked when he started screaming and ran toward him and hit the wet patch and landed hard with my leg bent behind me.  The earthquake caused by my hitting the floor threw the baby deeper into his fit.  I then did what any good mother does at this point, I started crying right along with him.

 I, after a few seconds, stood up and carried the baby to the bathroom and ran a bath.  We both climbed in to scrub off the ant-killing toxins, we were both still crying.  I stopped by the time we were clean and he pulled himself together after a bottle and a nap.  I'm still unsure of when it's okay and when it's not okay to let a baby nap after a blow to the head but he always nap better after a head injury and I hate to ruin that.

 I am still sore, like really sore and the baby has taken multiple spills since then and seems unfazed.  I realize that  am old and also fat and both of these make taking a fall harder.  Next time, I am saying live and let live to the indoor anthills.

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  1. Oh no! Poor mommy and Silas! Sean has had a few falls head first. I freaked out of course. What my pediatrician told me is that unless the fall knocks them unconscious or causes vomiting they are fine. With these boys I am sure there are many more "incidents" ahead. Good luck!