Monday, May 9, 2011


My kid is walking, running even, starting to say words, eating big boy food, so I know it's time.  He should be wearing shoes.  I am so sick of being told by strangers to "Buy that baby some shoes" and "Oh, his feet must be cold!"  Thanks a lot person I don't know, I have bought him 6 pairs and he won't wear any of him.  I realize that he "just has to get used to them" but I refuse to endure screaming that has an obvious source.  Not just because he is my sweet boy and I don't want him to cry, but because my nerves simply can't tolerate another meltdown mixed in my day, unless that meltdown happens to be made of chocolate, cheese, or butter.

 A fellow mommy and I have started spouting a phrase that has proven to be helpful in easing my mind on such subjects, he won't be 15 and...fill in the blank.  I know that Silas won't be 15 and walking around with bare feet so all is good.  So, leave me alone random stranger and if the occasion ever arises that he does in fact "step on a piece of glass" (because we like to play in skeezy allies and unswept factories) then I may reconsider my stance on this issue.


  1. If he ever happens to step on a crack pipe in those skeezy allies, you can hunt down those strangers and tell them that they were right!

    Have you tried the leater shoes? They are kind of like socks, really light - but offer some protection. Also, I saw these socks at Target that have rubber bottoms. So, they are literally socks that are also shoes. You could try those if you are really worried about it.

  2. You can always buy him baby girl shoes...he seems to do ok with those!

  3. we have the opposite problem; Sean is obsessed with shoes! He wants me to constantly put them on his feet. Some days we will spend almost an hour sitting in front of his closet while he brings me shoe after shoe to put on, over and over again! Summer is pretty much here, doubt his feet will get that cold!

  4. You tell'm cuz!! I had a simular problem with Elizabeth for our case it wasn't shoes but food. She was SOOO skinny for years (until that wonderful thing called puberty hit). For years people...strangers mainly....would say, "She doesn't eat much does she? You need to feed that child!" Ummmm...helloooo person I don't know! My daughter is a bottomless pit and keeps trying to test that theory by eating all the time!! around the age of 7 or 8 my dad took her to RYAN'S and got her their biggest steak (back when you could order it seperately) AND the food-bar and they took the ALL YOU CAN EAT to heart! They were both bragging about how much she ate! She would try that on me but momma didn't give in like grandpa did! Starving she was not growing up! Just have to ignore people like that!

  5. Regarding CheriLMT comment...Mother's Day and Silas with his little cousin's shoes LOLOLOL!!

  6. Lisa, I have thought about getting him the skidders at Target but I think they might be too easy to pull of. When he is in his carseat he suddenly becomes houdini with clothing removal.

    Andrea- I bet that is so cute watching him parade around in his shoes. Does he bring matching pairs or does he like to mix and match?

    Why didn't I get a picture of him with Chloe's shoes on? Did either of you guys?