Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Back!

So, I'm back, I think.  I have been going back and forth on the blogging issue for awhile.  I had a really busy year this past year, raising Silas and caring for my niece but I am moving forward in a new direction now.  I miss Genna so much but at least I know that I can still enjoy her as my niece!

 All of that being said, I have been throwing myself in to working on educating Silas to the best of my ability.  I think that this will be the direction that my blog takes because I would love to have a way to document our projects and also his progress over time and I hope that I can somehow help other moms who have the same desires to educate their children.. I can say that while I have not spent time blogging my own writing but I really threw myself in to reading the blogs of others who are parenting, homeschooling, and just enjoying their children and have been very inspired to go full force in the way that God is guiding me to guide my son.  I feel in my heart that Wade and I are fully responsible for sharing the world with Silas and he is, thankfully, very smart and open to learning all that he can.

 Last night I was looking back through his NICU pictures and praising and thanking God for bringing Silas so far.  He was so small and helpless and he has grown to be so sweet and kind and beyond anything that I could have imagined.  I am so glad that God called me to be his mother and that he continues to show me the way in raising him.  It is honestly my desire to someday home school him but Wade and I are split on this issue so I have accepted that we need to pray about it and not plan so far ahead of time so in the meantime I will teach him now.

I am very quick to brag about his skills because I am so proud.  He can now count to 10 easily and stumble through to 20 skipping a couple numbers.  He knows all of his upper case and lower case letters by sight and is learning the alphabet song and the phonetic sounds for each letters.  He knows as many shapes as I do, including the octagon and pentagon.  He saw a stop sign at the park and said "look, momma a orange octagon."  So yeah, he knows shapes but really struggles with colors.  I was worried he was color blind but he can match colors so I guess he just struggles with retaining the knowledge of the color names or something.  I don't know, we will just keep working on it and he will get it.

 I am not exactly sure how to proceed with his education because he has already surpassed my expectations but I will just follow his lead and learn right along with him.

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  1. Dad and I were talking today about how smart he is. Dad says "He's a little whippersnapper!" haha. You do such a great job with him.

    Glad you're back in the blogosphere!