Friday, August 10, 2012

Opportunities for Learning

I am learning more and more that formal teaching setting do not work for a 2 year old, or at least my 2 year old.  He can be coaxed in to reciting alphabet letters from the front of a flash card but he would rather read the "P, S, O, T" from the front of a faded stop sign while running down the asphalt path at the park.  Standing directly beneath it, with his head thrown as far back as his neck will allow, announcing "Momma, Si's S".  Oh yes, the biggest teaching tool I stumbled upon when we began the journey to learning the alphabet was assigning letters to people and things that he cared for.  When learning the W, which was the first letter that I taught him, I had casually pointed to the magnetized letters on the board at the library and declared that it was Daddy's letter, W.  He gradually learned to pick it out from all the others as daddy's letter, then began to give it a title.  He started by calling it a double-daddy and now he has no problem pronouncing the double-u but usually tags on an explanation about who this letter still belongs to.  We went through many of the letters like this; Momma's K, Nay's (Miss Renee from the library) R, Peyton's P, Achelle's (Michelle) M and so on. 

I have tried drilling counting in him but found it hard to get him to focus but what he can do for hours on end is play hide and seek.  So we took advantage of that by instructing to count to 5 and then look for us and then building on it so that he now rushes through a count to 10 but never skips a number.  He does tend to space his tiny fingers apart when he hides his eyes or stacks the game in his favor by guiding you where to hide.  Poor daddy has spent large portions of his day in the dark and hot closet lately but never fails to feign a surprised disappointment when Silas finds him every time.

Si will also practice most any skill if it's called a game.  I now only approach him with the excited declaration of a new game rather than explaining that we will be practicing a new skill.  He likes for Wade and I to sit on the floor right next to him and just play with him.  I have to admit that this is sometimes boring and a bit tedious for me but when I see him picking up a new skill and he looks at me with pride in himself I just can't help but have fun with him. 

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